Thursday, April 1, 2010

Well i have had an amazing week off. No school. I got to watch some movies, and eat popcorn, talk to my kids, and Hamilton. Sleep was also something i have induldged in. AHHhhhhh. I forgot what it felt like to not be tired all the time. I have taken on a new responsibility at NU, I am now the person in charge of organizing all the clinical rotations... or at least assisting with the organization of the above. This is no simple task, since we need to schedule 5 different areas with 2 groups each through dec 2011. plus fight all the "Big 'Boys" for time and space.

Next Friday I will be doing my simulations once again.. this time on kids. We will be doing one on broncholitis and siezures in kids.. I am planing another marathon day to get all the groups through and done. Then i need to schedule the MS 1 class for compartment syndrome, and initial PCN allergic reaction.

The rest of this week, I am trying to write my proposal for my thesis, do the research for my thesis, and also write another paper for my CNS class. So far I have been able to successfully distract myself from this assighment my fishing the web for cool youtube videos on 2nd life and health care, and writing on my blog.

My tiny new grandson, Beckett.. is doing better. He had surgery for a pyloric valve stenosis, loosing wt consistently... but now has been able to keep food down and mom and dad are breathing a sigh of relief.... Hamilton is just wondering what the big deal was all about?? but he too is glad to be back with mom and dad, and not with friends and neighbors.

Aaron and Dianna are settling in to their new home... and it is beautiful. Adrienne and Josiah are finaly doing better as well now that her kidney stone is gone, and she is no longer in constant pain. He is looking to the future and OCS.. where will they move to next?? Angela is looking forward to graduation and a possible new job.

Alan is excited.. after all the repentence and hard work studing, he was accepted to Cal Poly. We will be going to the open house for new students in April. This is something he has always wanted.. and i am glad that the door was opened to him. He learned alot about friends, choices, and consequenses... and focusing on what is important.

Adam is learning about female emotions and pregnancy. He is truly amazed at how different a pregnant wife is. He is great, supporting Karen and helping her with the mood swings. They are truly a great couple. Poor Karen is drowing in emotional swings and has been seriously thinking of taking out stock in Kleenex... She is due in the fall Sept i think. and our little blessing will be born in Texas.

Ashley has a new job with the CUSD working with a student as well as her restraunt job. Her husband is still looking for work... they mentioned something about moving in June, but I have no recent updates Thank goodness for blogs.

I have had to become tech savey to keep up with my kids and their lives. By keeping up with their blogs, I feel at least i am somewhat involved with their lives. Its so hard, they all scatter like leaves in the wind...sometimes I wonder if it is my Karma...

OH well, Its best to keep myself busy... then i dont think so much. Maybe that is what pharmacology is all about... distraction???


  1. We love reading your blogs. Since I've been doing on-call shifts for the ER as a psych tech for 1:1 patients I've had a lot of time reading. Just finished this Michael Chrichton novel The Sphere, and am in the middle of Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol. Not much to do from 6pm-6am watching psychotic people sleep but read...oh well. I've learned a lot about redirection on the in pt psych floor and about having manics write out their thoughts (have you ever done that?) Anyway, glad to hear things are going well. We love you and miss you!!!
    -Adam, Karen and baby ?

  2. Stock in kleenex? hmm...might have to consider that. Recently I've been using toilet paper due to a lack of tissue in our home. Thanks for the idea! =)